Awesome Website: Neverending Playlist ♥

Hey guys! How's your weekend?♥ I am so excited to share this awesome website that I recently discovered through StumbleUpon.


Neverending Playlist is a website that enables you to listen to a playlist of the songs of the band/singer that you entered. It was my first time to visit StumbleUpon and this website was featured on the page. I don't know how long this website has been available, so maybe some of you already know this website.

If you love listening to music, then you'll definitely love this website too! I am actually listening to Westlife's playlist while typing this blog entry. LOL I miss the boy band days of Westlife, A1, Backstreet Boys and *NSync. Aaaah!!!! I am so glad I found this website :>

Visit Neverending Playlist now!~

Infinite hugs and kisses,
Majorie ♥