Versatile Blogger Award ♥

About two months ago, Stephanie of Stephanie Angel nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. It was the second award that I've received ever since I started blogging last August (The first award that I received was the Liebster Blog Award. You can read about it here). The award is actually the nomination itself. When I first heard of the Versatile Blogger Award or any blogger award in general, I really thought that there was some kind of voting held to determine who the winner is. But after a few time researching, I found out that the Versatile Blogger Award is given to bloggers to honor them for bringing something special to the readers' lives whether every day or only now and then. And so, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stephanie for nominating me. Thank you very much, Stephanie~!♥


The rules for this award:
  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Link back the person/blogger who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 15 bloggers that you've recently discovered.
  4. Write down 7 facts about yourself.
Again, thank you so much, Stephanie, for the nomination~! Stephanie's blog is filled with circle lenses reviews and random stuff. Please visit her blog at ~ I bet you're gonna love her blog ♥

I nominate:
  1. Steph of Beauty Chapter
  2. Amicia of AmiciaRai
  3. Rattus of Beauty on a Shoestring Budget
  4. Tet of Cute and Dainty
  5. Ree of Flowers and Laces
  6. Sarah of Xlicious Girl
  7. Emiri of Emiri
  8. Joanne of UrHappyBunnie
  9. Lhen of Miss or Donya
  10. Rommel of Run, Zombie, Run
  11. Nadia of FafaNadia
  12. Ilaria of Chibilaria
  13. Nuraini of The Walk of my Life
  14. Sapphire of Little Owl Diary
  15. Jessica of Beauty and Life

Seven (7) facts about me:
  1. During my 5th birthday party, I did not go out of my room the whole time because I was afraid of the clowns who were entertaining my guests. Clowns are really creepy!! Fortunately, I was able to overcome that fear, well, not totally. I still kind of feel a little fear every time I see a clown or a mascot.
  2. I am obsessed with anything pink! Light pink, hot pink, carnation pink, any shade of pink! Which is why you would find a lot of pink stuff in every corner of my room. Including the walls of my room. :>
  3. The only Korean make up brand that I have ever tried and am using is Etude House. 
  4. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Psychology.
  5. I am actually very shy about singing my heart out in a karaoke, but, once I got a hold of the microphone, I would not let go until my voice starts to be husky. Haha ^___^
  6. I consistently change my haircut every three months. I really don't know why but I get bored with my hairstyle easily. 
  7. My all-time favorite TV series character is none other than Queen B, Blair Waldorf. 
Woohoo~! I never thought that stating 7 facts about myself is pretty difficult. But it was fun! Thank you very much for reading my blog ♥ And thank you, Stephanie, for the nomination ^____^

Infinite hugs and kisses,
Majorie ♥